One of the greatest problems for a motorist driving on an alpine road in winter is the unsuitability of their car in its standard form for driving in ice and snow conditions.

For most vehicles the same standard ‘summer’ tyres are used all year round.
Many imported car manufacturers recommend the use of ‘winter' tyres on snowy and icy roads.

For most of us though this is not practical. Therefore the following must be understood by all drivers when driving in the alps:

  • With any tyre the greater the tread wear, the less safe the tyres are in winter alpine conditions. A worn tyre may be legal to use, but it has a greatly reduced safety margin;

• High speed (V and Z) rated, wide based, low profile summer tyres are not suitable. Fitting chains to some vehicles is not possible as tyre and rim combination does not give enough suspension clearance.


Alcohol & Drugs are fuel for disaster in the snow, they impair your judgement and your ability. Your reaction times are significantly reduced and increase the risk of injury. The whole alpine experience begins when you leave home and doesn’t finish until you return. Avoid alcohol consumption and the use of illegal substances, because they increase your risk of hypothermia.

Alcohol & Drugs impair judgement, slow response time and reduce your ability to respond to an emergency.