If a companion becomes lost:
• Make sure your companion hasn't just returned home to the holiday accommodation, ski lodge or car. Inform the Ski Patrol as soon as you are concerned;

• Give your companions name. age, etc and a full description including any details of your skiing or boarding activities.

Avoid unnecessary searches:

• Always ski/board with a companion or
make arrangements to meet with other
skiers and boarders.
• Let someone know before you go. Indicate your intended destination and route - this is especially important for cross-country skiers;

• Stick to the planned arrangements. If you do not, others will become concerned and call out emergency services. This endangers the lives of others searching for someone who is not lost.


Alcohol & Drugs are fuel for disaster in the snow, they impair your judgement and your ability. Your reaction times are significantly reduced and increase the risk of injury. The whole alpine experience begins when you leave home and doesn’t finish until you return. Avoid alcohol consumption and the use of illegal substances, because they increase your risk of hypothermia.

Alcohol & Drugs impair judgement, slow response time and reduce your ability to respond to an emergency.