Hypothermia is a lowering of the body's core temperature, which can result in death, and can occur as a result of:

• Accidental immersion in cold water;

• Inadequate protection from the cold environment, especially when combined with altitude, wind, moisture and physical exhaustion:

• Exposure to cold, especially in the unconscious, the elderly, young children and the injured.

Hypothermia is easy to prevent. When it occurs it is usually from lack of preventive action rather than unavoidable circumstances.

These simple measures will prevent the likelihood of hypothermia:

• Adequate protection from cold, wind
and moisture;

• Regular intake of food and
non-alcoholic drinks;

• Sound planning, training and
experienced leadership.

Alcohol & Drugs are fuel for disaster in the snow, they impair your judgement and your ability. Your reaction times are significantly reduced and increase the risk of injury. The whole alpine experience begins when you leave home and doesn’t finish until you return. Avoid alcohol consumption and the use of illegal substances, because they increase your risk of hypothermia.

Alcohol & Drugs impair judgement, slow response time and reduce your ability to respond to an emergency.