The basic principles of first aid and resuscitation apply, plus additional specific measures to stop further body cooling. If any member of the party develops the signs of hypothermia:

• Stop immediately;

• Protect casualty from wind and moisture
– find or improvise shelter;

• Put on extra layers of clothing, remembering to cover the head and put on wind/water proof jacket and overpants;

• Insulate the body from the snow, especially the head;

• Prevent further heat loss by covering the casualty with any available waterproof material;
  • Huddle together;

• Give easily digested food and drink, warm if possible;

• Ensure all party members put on extra clothing, including head cover;

• Send for medical assistance.


Alcohol & Drugs are fuel for disaster in the snow, they impair your judgement and your ability. Your reaction times are significantly reduced and increase the risk of injury. The whole alpine experience begins when you leave home and doesn’t finish until you return. Avoid alcohol consumption and the use of illegal substances, because they increase your risk of hypothermia.

Alcohol & Drugs impair judgement, slow response time and reduce your ability to respond to an emergency.